Supervillain Tabletop Card Game


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Supervillain is a card & dice game where players, branded Villains by the corrupted Establishment, compete to expose the perverting influences on our institutions and governments; its up to YOU to expose the corruption!

Using Characters and Items to claim Capers, Villains put a spotlight on corruption - spreading information like modern-day Robin Hoods.

The Villain who Claims the most Caper points is crowned the Supervillain!

Compete to solve Capers and interfere with other Villains' plans using Shenanigans cards. Combat can ensue, as the Villain to your left may block your attempted Caper.

Villains play Character & Item cards with values that represent the number of dice they roll to solve that portion of the Caper; the Villain to your left rolls the number of dice on the Caper to "set the point" to match or beat.

Game length is adjustable depending on how many Capers players agree to play for at the beginning of the game, usually from 30-60 minutes. Solo play time is typically 20-30 minutes.

Each game comes with 54 high-quality, non-toxic cards made in the USA (8 Chessex dice - from the UK - included).

—description from the publisher